Tehomic magiq

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The past

helps us build

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The future

we know is possible,

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The present

allows us to live it,

we are weaving ancient, modern, powerful, transformative

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working with and through tehom (תהום) THE DEPTHS.

A place of unlimited potential where we explore boundaries and determine them for ourselves because without form or shape power remains potential.

Who We Are

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Kohenet/Priestess Angelique “YA” Rivera: Neurodivergent Jewyorican, Poet, and Advocate for Decolonial Liberation.

Healing the past, empowering your present, designing your liberation.

Neon Arrow Illustration
Neon Arrow Illustration



Kohenet/Priestess Ketzirah haMa‘agelet

Maker and teacher of the sacred arts.

Jewitch, Stitch Witch, Tech Witch, and Cosmic Reference Librarian.

Bold Tech Web
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Stay Tuned

This is a process.

We share when the time is right.

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We’ll provide updates via our substacks.

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Ketzirah: Devotaj Sacred Arts

Angelique: The Saffron Scrolls of Desire